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PortaBELL™ Portable Dental Operatory, Includes: fiber optic electric motor and hand pieces, high speed and slow speed hand pieces, HVE, saliva ejector, air/water syringe, over patient delivery for convenience and reduced fatigue, and standard hospital grade duplex outlet.

The PortaBELL™ is a totally self-contained portable dental operatory. It has been designed and manufactured specifically for the demanding environment of the field dentist. It is presently in the inventory of the US Army, US Navy, and US Marine Corps.

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PortaBELL™ Additional Features

  • Can perform any procedure with the same confidence as in the office.
  • Optional curing light, scalar, and solar power system are available.
  • Ruggedized for rough handling and transportation.
  • Designed and manufactured to stringent UL standards.
  • Safety features include circuit breakers on both legs of poer, protective cover over power components.
  • Easy to set up, takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Take the power of electric hand pieces any where in the world.
  • Tested to 30gs shock load.
  • Over patient delivery system.
  • Dedicated water and waste systems with solid traps.
  • HVE, Saliva ejector and 3-way syringe.
  • Thermally tested from -40 to +120°F
  • Collapsible air storage tank.



Volume (Unit Only)

1.7 ft3 (0.1 m3)
L: 13.25 inches
H: 12.0 inches
W: 17.5 inches


(Unit Only)

Unit including shipping container

60 pounds (27.2kg)

130 pounds (46.8 kg)

Electrical Power

120 or 220 VAC 50/60 Hz, 15A

Waste Capacity

1.5 li

Water Res. Capacity

500 ml


4.0 CFM @ 4 in Hg


<60 dB A @ 1 meter


Operating: 35°F to 120°F (2°C to 49°C)


-40°F to 120°F
(-40°C to 49°C)


95 percent non-condensing


up to 10,000 ft (3000 m)



Hand piece connection:

40,000 rpm

Fiber Optics



70,000 LUX
Single element

Product Facts

  • Products made in the USA
  • Easy to set up, taking only minutes
  • High RPM top speeds
  • Meets stringent UL standards

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